Plant-Based Meal Plan

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Signs of spring are popping up everywhere! The weather has been beautiful here in Arizona. This week’s Plant-Based Meal Plan doesn’t reflect all of the glorious produce we’ve been buying but we are expecting cooler weather later this week so hearty, comfort food is on it’s way.

Plant-Based Meal Plan with Goulash, Mexican Casserole, Oatmeal and Banana Bread.

Plant-Based Meal Plan

It’s Spring Break for my kids this week. While they enjoy a week off of school, we still have daily appointments and the adults will be working. We made one of our favorite soups to enjoy for lunches and dinner this week, Minestrone Soup!

Our oldest son is staying with us and made Veggie Tacos last week and Banana Bread over the weekend. It’s so awesome having him here!

Plant-Based Breakfast

We have a double batch of our Instant Pot Oatmeal made for the week! We store it in individual containers so we can grab it and go if needed. I usually eat mine at home but my husband takes his to go. You can see a step by step video of how I make it in my Instagram highlights

Plant-Based Lunch

Since my kids will be home, I know they will be eating a lot more than usual. They will eat a lot of Refried Pinto Beans with chips or tortillas. They also enjoy peanut butter toast and pasta for lunches. I’m excited to enjoy that Minestrone Soup we made, with a salad.

Plant-Based Dinner

I’m planning to use my Instant Pot a lot this week! I may skip a meal or two if I have too many leftovers.

Monday: Instant Pot Mexican Rice and Bean Casserole is a family favorite! It will be a great one to enjoy for leftover lunches too.

Tuesday: Tofu Scramble, fruit salad and banana bread will be delicious. I always put salsa on my scramble. If I have time, I may add my oil-free potato wedges. 

Wednesday: Instant Pot Plant-Based Goulash is really hearty! We may be getting cool and wet weather this week so this will be the perfect recipe to make. Plus, it makes a lot of leftovers.

Thursday: Chickpea Quinoa Stir Fry is a great way to change up our typical stir fry. 

Friday: Chipotle Black Bean Chili is too spicy for the kiddos but we love it. If I have too many leftovers I’ll skip this one because it makes a lot of food. 

What are you eating this week? Are you using your Instant Pot too?

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