Custom Meal Plans

Please note: The Custom Meal Plans are currently unavailable. If you are interested in a Custom Meal Plan send me an email and I’ll put you on the waiting list. 

What if I told you I know I could cut your stress, save you money and help you eat healthy? Would you believe me?

Well I can.

Simply by using a Custom Meal Plan

What is a Custom Meal Plan

A Custom Meal Plan is a 5 day Menu that includes a detailed Shopping List and Recipes. If you are interested in Batch Cooking (cooking or prepping some of the foods ahead of time) a Prep Sheet can be included too.

Using a Meal Plan will:

Save Money:

I used to go to the store without a plan or list and buy things I didn’t need. As little as 3 extra impulse buys can easily run you an extra $10. Not to mention the money spent eating out when you have “nothing in the house” to eat.

A Custom Meal Plan allows you to buy only the ingredients you need.

Save Time:

Do you procrastinate making dinner? What about looking through the pantry, freezer and refrigerator only to give up and go out to eat? Do you run to the store because you’re missing ingredients?

A Custom Meal Plan comes with a complete shopping list.

Help you get Healthy:

It’s hard to stick to a healthy eating routine with you aren’t prepared. Even “healthy” choices at restaurants are usually loaded with excess sugar, salt and fat (and that is just the salad dressing).

A Custom Meal Plan lays out each meal according to your preferences and restrictions.

How is it Different from other Meal Planning Services

There are many meal planning sites you can subscribe to, and many are well priced. Those sites never work for us. We like eating a certain way and we have our favorite recipes we want to eat every week or so. Because of our allergies/intolerance’s to a large number of foods those one-size fits all programs won’t work for us.

A Custom Meal Plan is ideal for individuals or families who have to restrict certain foods due to allergies or lifestyle choices.

How it Works

A Customized Meal Plan for your specific needs

1. Download this Questionnaire and fill it out completely. The more you share the better I will do. Email the questionnaire to me at myplantbasedfamily @ (remove the spaces).

2. I’ll email you back letting you know I received your questionnaire and ask follow up questions if needed. I’ll let you know when I can start your Custom Meal Plan.

3. I’ll request payment via PayPal.

4. I’ll create your menu and email you a rough draft to make sure we are on the same page.

5. After you approve the Menu I’ll complete the Custom Meal Plan by adding the Shopping List, Recipes and Prep Sheet if you want to prep some items ahead of time.

6. email you the finished Custom Meal Plan.

How Much Does it Cost?

There are several different options to fit your needs and budget.

1 Week (5 day) Dinner only $10

1 Week (5 day) Dinner plus Breakfast OR Lunch $12

1 Week (5 day) Breakfast, Lunch AND Dinner $15

4 Weeks (5 days per week) Dinner Only $40

4 Weeks (5 days per week) Dinner and Breakfast OR Lunch $50

4 Weeks (5 days per week) Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner $60

Each Custom Meal Plan that takes your unique preferences and restrictions into account. Each week includes a prep sheet, detailed menu and shopping list. Note: I utilize a 5 day week in all meal plans unless other arrangements are made.

Your Custom Meal Plan will be delivered via email within 5 business days of payment unless other arrangements are made. Ideally, you can repeat this Meal Plan each month. I use seasonal ingredients so Fall/Winter Meal Plan will be completely different from Spring/Summer Meal Plans.

In some situations extra fees may be required. These include, but are not limited to, large families (more than 6), those requiring animal products, or requests for extra meals. These fees will be applied on a case by case basis and will discussed with you before you are charged.

Please note: The Custom Meal Plans are currently unavailable. If you are interested in a Custom Meal Plan send me an email and I’ll put you on the waiting list.