The Plant-Based Diet Starter Guide

You’ve seen Forks Over Knives.

You’ve heard a Plant-Based Diet can prevent and reverse disease.

But now what?

Going from the Standard American Diet (SAD) to a healthy diet is difficult. Most of us are addicted to fast food and pretty set in our ways. It’s hard to make lasting changes BUT it’s not impossible.



The Plant-Based Diet Starter Guide is the resource you need to help you get started on a Plant-Based Diet. Where as books like The China Study tell you why you need to change the Plant-Based Diet Starter Guide makes it easy for you to understand how to make it work in your own life.

This book is a quick and easy read that will cover everything you need to know to transition to a Plant-Based Diet. Learn how to shop for healthy food, read labels, be deliberate by planning your meals, cook healthy dishes and so much more.

In addition to the basics I also cover how to deal with family members who may not be happy to make these changes. On top of that I throw in some of my Reader Favorite Recipes.

This book is available in paperback or kindle from Amazon.


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