Healthy Cravings


What is Healthy Cravings?

Healthy Cravings is a group that meets each month to learn more about plant-based living. You don’t have to be plant-based or vegan to participate, just interested in healthy eating. I do my best to cater to allergies and intolerances. Many people who come are just interested in adding more variety to their diets.

We always eat and have a different food theme each month. We have watched video clips, had guest speakers share their stories and always have great discussion. I constantly pull ingredients out of my pantry and refrigerator as a “show and tell” and when appropriate allow for samples.

If you are in the Mesa/Gilbert/Apache Junction area (in Arizona) and want more details send me an email. There is a recommended donation of $5 but it is not required. I never want money to stand in the way of someone coming.

Healthy Cravings takes a break June-August but I teach classes during the break. For more information send an email to

Past Themes and Recaps



How It All Began 

Many people are curious about what we eat and I thought an in home demonstration would be the best way to address questions but also show how good our food is. I hosted my first food demo in June of 2012, planning to have more when ladies from my church asked if I would be interested in holding them as part of our Women’s Ministries. I thought it sounded like a great idea.

Most of the women who came are from my church but several are friends I’ve known outside of church, and some are local ladies who I’ve connected with through this blog.

As the group grew I recognized a need to include men as well. After all, it is very hard to change to “food culture” of a home without everyone being on board. As of September 2013 the group will be co-ed!

The purpose of the group is to be a support system and information center for anyone interested in plant-based living.