Meal Plans


Plant-Based Meal Plan featuring soup, salad, a muffin and a Mediterranean Bowl

“What’s for dinner? Can I be honest about something for a minute? When my oldest kids were teenagers, they used to ask me this question as soon as they got home from school. Since they all got home at different times by the time the third kid asked the question my blood was boiling and I was turning into some sort of pre-dinner zombie mom that wanted to either a) rip their heads off, or b) run for the hills. I don’t know what it was about it, but that single question put the weight of the world on my shoulders and took me to a dark place.

If I haven’t lost you yet rest assured that is not longer the case. What changed me from a MOM-ster to a mostly functional human being? Meal Planning!

Planning our meals totally took the pressure off. Go ahead and ask me, I can tell you what we are eating Monday through Friday, I dare you! You can be as structured as you need to be. I usually have a general idea what we are eating for breakfast and lunch but pick out 4-5 dinners for the week. I don’t always assign specific days but it may be helpful to you if you have a house full of kids and activities every night.

I’ll warn you, it does take some practice. Have you ever started a new activity and realized there is a learning curve? This may take you some time to “get it right” but rest assured it gets easier.

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