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 Plant-Based Basics eCourseWelcome to the Plant-Based Basics eCourse!

I’m so glad you are here! I’ve prepared this course for you. If you commit to this eCourse you will see a big change in your health.

If you’ve been wanting to adopt a plant-based diet to lose weight, eliminate the need for medication, clear up your skin, fix digestive issues, decrease recovery time, reduce inflammation, or any number of other issues now is the perfect time to learn how to do it.

The eCourse can be completed at your own pace, on your own schedule.

Why YOU Need this Course

Whether you have tried to eat healthy before or are starting for the first time there is a HUGE learning curve. There is so much to know that it becomes overwhelming. I’m going to take the guess-work out of the transition and tell you exactly what to do. Don’t worry, you will not feel restricted at all. In fact, you will feel like a burden has been lifted off of you and you follow easy steps to transition toward a plant-based diet.

The eCourse will teach you what you need to know to successfully live a plant-based lifestyle.

5 Modules

The eCourse is separated into five modules. There are over twenty lessons that you can go through at your own pace but you’ll also receive daily emails from me that will help keep you on track.

Module One teaches you what to eat on a plant-based diet and how to navigate the grocery store.

Module Two explains how to make plant-based living work in your daily life by offering in depth lessons that will help you deal with the biggest obstacles to healthy change.

Module Three will help you go deeper by examining some of the big issues with healthy eating including supplements, protein and more.

Module Four includes three weeks of meal plans, over 30 recipes and a meal planning mini-course.

Module Five is for those of you wanting to get in shape. These workouts are designed to help you get moving without going to the gym. (optional)

You’ll also receive a printable bundle full of helpful information and worksheets to use during the eCourse and beyond.

At the end of week three you will receive a bonus lesson that will help you transform you old favorites into healthy plant-based versions.

Getting Started

This eCourse is delivered in a printer-friendly PDF and an ePub file that you can use on your iPhone or iPad. You can use either one or both.

The Plant-Based Basics eCourse is perfect for:

  • anyone who is new to a plant-based diet
  • someone who has been eating a plant-based diet but may struggle through the holidays
  • those curious if a plant-based diet can reverse or eliminate illness and/or disease

You will learn:

  • What to eat and what to avoid
  • Plant-Based shopping strategies
  • Meal Planning for your schedule and budget
  • Time savers
  • If supplements are necessary
  • Money savers
  • The best way to get protein
  • and so much more

The Plant-Based Basics eCourse will take the mystery out of the plant-based diet. My specialty is making plant-based living accessible to people regardless of their budget, cooking experience, time restraints or food restrictions. I developed my first eCourse one year ago. I learned a lot and have refined it to create the Plant-Based Basics eCourse!

We will also be joined by guest contributors, experts in their fields that are successful living a plant-based lifestyle.

What people are saying about the eCourse:

I was able to stay more focused because I had constant reminders on Facebook and in the lessons to keep aiming me in the right direction. There was always someone to bounce off an idea and ask for support and suggestions. I lost 5 pounds over the course and really could have done more with a little more exercise.

I think the entire program was phenomenal! The simplicity yet thoroughness of the eCourse allowed even a novice Plant-Based person to educate themselves about why this lifestyle is better than the Standard American Diet and to implement steps to take to eat and be healthier.

The meal plans were great and included a variety of recipes to suit many different sorts of tastes. I found many recipes that I can incorporate into my meal rotations and I would do this eCourse again, just to solidify my knowledge and share with others. The fact that there was a group of us all doing the same thing meant for a great camaraderie. ~ Susan

The eCourse helped me stay focused and gave me the encouragement to never bring anything non-PB into the house. The meal plans were wonderful ways to jump start my shopping list and give me ideas of where I wanted to take my week in food and nutrition. The workout routines kept me motivated the first couple weeks when I was stuck in a hotel for 10 days. Overall it was a fun month and I really appreciate the hard work the design team put into the eCourse. ~ Jennifer

When I signed up I knew we were going to be out of the country fourteen of the days in January, but I thought there was always going to be a reason why it wouldn’t be convenient to sign up. I’m so glad I did! I can’t say that I made it to being plant-based in the month, but I got so much useful information and support to continue on with my eating changes towards being Plant-Based. With the information I got during the month I was able to make very doable strides towards better eating choices even with the time away from home. ~Lori

I lost 6 pounds. I crave mushrooms and sweet potatoes instead of junk food! ~ Genevieve

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As mentioned above, you can go through this plant-based eCourse at your own pace, no crazy schedules or demanding rules. Sign up today!


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