Plant-Based Christians

Plant Based Christians

A week or so ago I started a new Facebook group called Plant-Based Christians. I have received a lot of email from people who are both Christians and plant-based and they were looking for resources and support. I really didn’t know of a group or forum that shared both interest so I decided to start a group on Facebook.

While most of my post are focused on plant-based eating, my life is driven by my faith. I can’t compartmentalize my faith; it may or may not be evident by my writing. I try (and fail) to be an ambassador of Christ and an ambassador of healthy living.

If you are a Christian and looking for a little plant-based support check out our group Plant-Based Christians.

There are a lot of other groups out there without religious affiliations. I’m a member of two of the Happy Herbivore groups, Herbie Parents and Gluten-free Herbies, and¬†The Veganauts.¬†Everything in the Happy Herbivore groups are under the Happy Herbivore umbrella so it is low-fat (no oil) and no animal products. The Veganaut group is more inclusive and open to those who are not quite committed to a plant-based lifestyle but still looking for support.

Do you know of another group that is supportive? Leave a comment below telling us about it.