Plant-Based Meal Plan

This week’s plant-based meal plan includes family-friendly vegan recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. My kids have been wanting to help with the cooking lately. I’ve been letting them make more of their own meals from breakfast land lunch and a couple of times a week they help with dinner.

This week's plant-based meal plan includes family-friendly vegan recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  

Plant-Based Meal Plan

We didn’t do a lot of meal prep this week because we are all home, pretty much all the time. There is no need for grab and go meals. I do find it helpful to have food prepped when working from home because it helps ensure you actually eat lunch and you don’t spend a lot of your lunch break making things.

Plant-Based Breakfast

This week I do have a double batch of Instant Pot Steel Cut Oats made. If you’ve never seen it, you can watch my Instagram Highlight where I walk you through it. 

We also have bagels or toast with peanut butter and fruit and plenty of smoothie ingredients. One of my kids has been asking for Chocolate Chip Muffins so those will be coming soon.

Plant-Based Lunch

We usually have dinner leftovers for lunch. Since us grown-ups are working, the kids will usually make their own lunch. They like toast with peanut butter, cereal, oatmeal, beans and chips or other easy meals. Sometimes they will have salad or leftovers.

If I don’t have leftovers, I’ll make a big salad. I already have all the produce washed and ready, I just have to cut up the ingredients for that meal. Soup leftovers are one of my favorites because it heats up easily and I eat it quickly, unlike a salad that takes a long time to chew.

Plant-Based Dinner

Monday: Hearty Veggie Soup is a versatile favorite! I’ve got all the ingredients I need for this recipe and we love it. I haven’t been able to find any potatoes at the store but I have one big baking potato that will work.

Tuesday: Vegetable Spaghetti and a nice side salad will be a great way to use a lot of veggies. It’s versatile too, so if I can’t find something I typically use, I’ll just leave it out. Don’t forget the salad dressing!

Wednesday: Lentil Tacos in the Instant Pot are perfect for mid week. I’ll use leftovers in Taco Salad too!

Thursday: Plant-Based Mediterranean Bowls are one of my favorites. I like to include quinoa and I have a giant bag in my pantry that I need to use. There will be plenty of leftovers from earlier in the week if my family isn’t interested.

Friday: Snack Food Night! We did this last Friday night and it was a hit! It was really a ploy to get everyone to eat more veggies. I chopped a bunch of veggies and fruit, put out a dip, chopped some baguette and toasted it in the oven, made little sandwiches, etc. A couple of us made salads and some of us just picked fruit, veggies and sandwiches. Almost everything was eaten! 

Are you new to plant-based eating? I’ve heard from a lot of people recently that are trying to transition to a plant-based diet! If that’s you, I have a free resource that will help you get started. The 7 Day Plant-Based Course is delivered to your inbox for 7 days and walks you through what you need to know to get started. Give it a try, you have nothing to lose!

Plant-Based Meal Plan

Signs of spring are popping up everywhere! The weather has been beautiful here in Arizona. This week’s Plant-Based Meal Plan doesn’t reflect all of the glorious produce we’ve been buying but we are expecting cooler weather later this week so hearty, comfort food is on it’s way.

Plant-Based Meal Plan with Goulash, Mexican Casserole, Oatmeal and Banana Bread.

Plant-Based Meal Plan

It’s Spring Break for my kids this week. While they enjoy a week off of school, we still have daily appointments and the adults will be working. We made one of our favorite soups to enjoy for lunches and dinner this week, Minestrone Soup!

Our oldest son is staying with us and made Veggie Tacos last week and Banana Bread over the weekend. It’s so awesome having him here!

Plant-Based Breakfast

We have a double batch of our Instant Pot Oatmeal made for the week! We store it in individual containers so we can grab it and go if needed. I usually eat mine at home but my husband takes his to go. You can see a step by step video of how I make it in my Instagram highlights

Plant-Based Lunch

Since my kids will be home, I know they will be eating a lot more than usual. They will eat a lot of Refried Pinto Beans with chips or tortillas. They also enjoy peanut butter toast and pasta for lunches. I’m excited to enjoy that Minestrone Soup we made, with a salad.

Plant-Based Dinner

I’m planning to use my Instant Pot a lot this week! I may skip a meal or two if I have too many leftovers.

Monday: Instant Pot Mexican Rice and Bean Casserole is a family favorite! It will be a great one to enjoy for leftover lunches too.

Tuesday: Tofu Scramble, fruit salad and banana bread will be delicious. I always put salsa on my scramble. If I have time, I may add my oil-free potato wedges. 

Wednesday: Instant Pot Plant-Based Goulash is really hearty! We may be getting cool and wet weather this week so this will be the perfect recipe to make. Plus, it makes a lot of leftovers.

Thursday: Chickpea Quinoa Stir Fry is a great way to change up our typical stir fry. 

Friday: Chipotle Black Bean Chili is too spicy for the kiddos but we love it. If I have too many leftovers I’ll skip this one because it makes a lot of food. 

What are you eating this week? Are you using your Instant Pot too?

Plant-Based Meal Plan

Our weekly grocery shopping and meal prep is done and our plant-based meal plan is ready for the week. When we take some time to plan and prep what we want to eat, it makes our week go so much smoother. 

This week we only have 4 appointments, I know it sounds like a lot but it’s not much for us. Hopefully everything goes smooth but it if doesn’t, I know we have some meals prepped, and plenty of fruit and veggies to get us through the week. 

A Plant-Based Meal Plan featuring soups, pasta and easy meal prep recipes.

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Plant-Based Meal Plan

Over the weekend we cooked a big pot of soup. We made my Hearty Veggie Soup with a few changes. I had zucchini leftover from testing some new recipes and used it. It was a great addition to the soup. I didn’t have petite diced tomatoes so I used fresh tomatoes. That changed up the flavor quite a bit. 

We also cooked a big pot of black beans in the Instant Pot. We will use these in several recipes instead of using canned beans. It’s pretty easy to make a big pot to use throughout the week. 

Plant-Based Breakfast

We are all over the place with breakfast these days. One of our son’s has been enjoying our version of Rip’s Big Bowl. Our youngest usually only wants fruit for breakfast. I’ve been on a big Instant Pot Oatmeal kick. My husband has been enjoying Sweet Potatoes we batch cook in our Instant Pot. 

Plant-Based Lunch

Now that I’m recovered from being sick, I’m back to my Big Salads for lunch. I’ll also be eating the Hearty Veggie Soup we made this weekend. I have two portions stored for my husband to take to work, and the rest in a big container for who ever comes first. 

We also have black beans and Mexican Rice. I’ll eat these together in a Burrito Bowl and also in Taco Salad style meals. 

Plant-Based Dinner

Monday: Vegetable Spaghetti with a green salad and whatever veggies we decide to add in. We love to have pasta for a quick meal. 

Tuesday: Green Chili, Cilantro and Lime Soup is perfect for this week. I bought the best tasting cilantro we’ve ever had. I’m determined to use every bit of it. 

Wednesday: Plant-Based Mediterranean Bowl with Cilantro Jalapeno Hummus. We got some great jalapenos to pair with the cilantro! I’ve been wanting to make a new batch of hummus. I may take photos to share a variation of my classic Mediterranean Bowl. 

Thursday: Sheet pan meal that included potato wedges, veggie burgers and other roasted veggies.

Friday: Pineapple and Tofu Kabobs are a favorite because I love tofu and we have a big pineapple that will be perfect for this. In all honesty, I’ll probably skip the skewers and do it all stir fry style. 

I’m also thinking of making some Banana Bread this week. Our oldest son just got out of the Navy and is staying with us for a little while. Growing up he loved banana bread! I’ve been wanting to make Brownies too but that may be too ambitious.

What are you eating this week? 

Plant-Based Meal Plan

We just wrapped up the January Plant-Based Basics class! We had a great group go through the class together and learn how to transition to a plant-based diet. They got weekly lessons, plant-based meal plans and lots of support!

Plant-Based Meal Plan

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That class wrapped up so I’m back to creating weekly meal plans! I’ve been focused on eating as much nutrient rich food as I could. 

Plant-Based Breakfast

I’ve been loving my Instant Pot Steel Cut Oats! My favorite things to add into the oats are a spoonful of peanut butter, a drizzle of maple syrup and banana slices. It’s so good! I’ve been putting it in a thermos on the mornings we have appointments.

The rest of the family loves the oatmeal too. I just found a great deal on organic, gluten-free oats

When we aren’t eating oatmeal, the kids like cereal with rice milk and my husband takes baked sweet potatoes.

Plant-Based Lunch

Our dinner leftovers usually turn into lunch but I’ve been making big salads for lunch! Green leaf lettuce, spinach, cucumbers, tomatoes, carrots, onions and whatever else we have. 

We like to make a few recipes over the weekend so we have plenty of healthy lunches available for the week. 

Plant-Based Dinner

Last week I hurt my back and didn’t get to cook as much as I would like. I’m recovered and hoping to have a great week with lots of delicious food.

Monday: Instant Pot Black Beans and Mexican Rice has been a staple for the last month. We can’t get enough. We will eat it on top of a bunch of greens, or chop up a quick batch of Pico de Gallo

Tuesday: Hearty Veggie Soup is one of those meals that we can enjoy all week. I prefer letting it simmer on the stove but make it in the Instant Pot when I don’t have time to watch it.

Wednesday: Veggie Burgers and Potato Wedges have been a favorite lately. I have a Veggie Burger recipe we like but we really enjoy Hillary’s Southwest Adzuki Bean Burger’s. We love the flavor and they are easy to put in the oven while the potato wedges are cooking. I’ll be sharing the recipe for the potato wedges soon.

Thursday: Veggie Sandwich or leftovers. We have a busy day on Thursday so I want to keep it quick and easy. 

Friday: We may do something easy like Busy Night Pasta but if we have a bit more energy we may make our own Pizza! Either way, we will have salad and veggies to go along with it. 

What are you eating this week?

Plant-Based Meal Plan

Whether you are already plant-based or hoping to transition to a plant-based diet this year, I hope this plant-based meal plan is helpful for you and your family!

I’ve been creating plant-based meal plans since 2012 when I started My Plant-Based Family! If you aren’t sure what to eat on a plant-based diet, there is no excuse! You can look at eight years worth of plant-based meal plans!

Plant-Based Meal Plan featuring soup, salad, a muffin and a Mediterranean Bowl

The style of the plans has changed throughout the years but the plans always include plenty of meal ideas for plant-based families.

Plant-Based Meal Plan

We all eat different things for breakfast and lunch so I share what we plan to eat during the week. Then I share a specific dinner for each week day night!

Plant-Based Breakfast

Instant Pot Oatmeal is one of our favorites! We just bought more things to add, like raw pumpkin seeds, chia seeds and natural peanut butter. My 10 year old made date paste to use as a sweetener. We’ve been adding all of these to our Instant Pot Breakfast Rice too. We made a batch over the weekend that we can enjoy all week. We have a bunch of Baked Sweet Potatoes cooked and ready to go, for an easy breakfast.

Plant-Based Lunch

My husband loves the One Pot Broccoli Rice Casserole that we make almost every week for his lunches. My son is requesting tofu to take in his lunch this week. I usually eat whatever leftovers we have. I made a big pot of Taco Soup over the weekend (for the second week in a row) so we could enjoy it for lunches. 

My Plant-Based Mediterranean Bowl is another favorite! I can prep them ahead of time for easy lunches or assemble it each day. If I wait to assemble, I run the risk of various ingredients being used in other meals but that’s ok, as long as we are eating all the veggies.

Plant-Based Dinners

Monday: Minestrone Soup is so warm and comforting. I get plenty of veggies! I’ll probably cook the pasta separate so that the pasta doesn’t soak up all the broth in the leftovers.

Tuesday: Taco Salad is one of my favorite salads. Over the weekend I cooked a pound of black beans with onions and garlic. These will be a great addition to a Taco Salad topped with fresh Pico de Gallo and avocado. 

Wednesday: Plant-Based Goulash has been a reader favorite lately. January seems like the perfect time to make it. I also have an Instant Pot Goulash that I may make instead of the stove top version.

Thursday: Leftovers

Friday: Veggie Burger or Carrot Dogs with baked beans and steamed potatoes are planned but if we have too many leftovers we may wait until the weekend. 

Even with planned leftovers on Thursday, I think this might be too much food for us! 

We are a family who likes our snacks so we will also be adding veggies and hummus, lots of fresh fruit and maybe some Blueberry Muffins!

What are you eating this week?