Meal Planning Tips that Really Work…part 1

Most of us agree that Meal Planning is a good idea. Today and tomorrow I’ll pass on some Meal Planning Tips that Really Work. If you have the slightest interest in learning to Meal Plan stick around the next few days.

Meal Planning Tips that Really Work


1. Just Do It

One of the biggest problems with making a Meal Plan is actually taking the time to make a plan. You don’t have to go crazy and plan every meal of the week, down to the side dish; just create a simple outline with at least a few meals you want to eat. If needed set aside 20 minutes when your kids are in bed or at practice, you could also have a few minutes of “planning time” during commercial breaks. Don’t wait until you have the perfect system in place, waiting doesn’t pay off in Meal Planning. Practice will make perfect so just start where you are. You can look at some of my previous Meal Plans to get ideas.

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