Meal Plan Monday: It’s Hot in AZ

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I did not do much cooking last week. I believe that is two weeks in a row. I’m in a bit of a slump but I have good intentions for getting back on track. Last night I grilled some portobello’s and some other veggies. They had been on last weeks Meal Plan but got bumped although I don’t remember why.

I feel like eating a Plant-Based diet takes a bit more planning because you can’t just fall back on picking something up at a drive through. We still get a few too many bean burritos from fast food joints but since my youngest can’t have wheat we can’t depend on that to feed all of us.

I typically do less cooking in the summer so I’m always seeking quick and easy dishes that can be thrown together. If you live in a climate that is cold now take a look as some of my past Meal Plans, January through March will have better cold weather food.

Also, my boys start swimming lessons this week with lessons at 11:25 am. So lunch will be easy for the next two weeks. 

Meal Plan

Breakfast this week will be gluten-free waffles (a splurge for my boys), toast, fruit, oatmeal, and cereal. 

Lunch will be Bean and Grain bowls, sandwich wraps (I have a ton of spinach), nut butter sandwiches, all with fresh fruit, and of course leftovers. 

Snack will be smoothies (what could be better than that when the temps are over 100°F, fruit, I’m also in pretty desperate need of some new hummus which will be good with veggies.


Monday: Gluten-Free Pasta with a Tomato-Spinach Sauce

Tuesday: Grilled Lavash Veggie Pizza 

Wednesday: Something awesome with Chickpea’s. I don’t know what yet but chickpea’s never let me down. I also need to make hummus.

Thursday:  Black Beans, Brown Rice, with grilled veggies (peppers, onions, corn)

Friday: I’ll probably make Baked Potatoes and Baked Sweet Potatoes for my boys while my husband and I enjoy take out. I make a bunch for quick meals on the weekends.

On our date nights we sometimes eat out, other times we just get a movie and takeout. Last week we went out to our favorite place, Pita Jungle. We usually start with a large hummus then get a something else to share. Last week we got a pesto pizza on a pita without cheese, we added some of our hummus to it, YUM! We’ve developed a good relationship with our server and we were there pretty late so most of the crowd was gone. We got a chance to visit more with our server, he recommend new things we might like and he brought us out new things to try. 

Do you do a date night? I think they are very important for every couple. No matter how long you’ve been together date nights are a great way to reconnect as a couple. It doesn’t have to cost a lot and you can be creative, the important part is to be intentional. What is your date night strategy?

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  1. How funny…we are having gluten-free pasta for dinner tonight too!

  2. My husband is a truck driver, gone for 1-2 weeks, so when he gets in we usually go out to eat either the 1st or 2nd night he is home. Depends on how long he is home for.

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