Meal Plan Monday: Calling All Bloggers

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Attention, Attention, Calling All Bloggers!

I want to feature your Meal Plan on Meal Plan Monday during the month of July.

Who Can Participate

Anyone can submit a Meal Plan but preference will be given to people with blogs, websites, etc. You do not have to be 100% plant-based/vegan to submit a Meal Plan but the Meal plan must be. Additionally if your blog/website doesn’t portray an plant-based/vegan lifestyle you will not be selected. For example, you can have a photography, faith, knitting, finance, etc. blog that is acceptable but if you typically have pictures of meat or lifestyle choices that are harmful to animal you will not be considered.

What to Send

Email me your Meal Plan with links to recipes (from your blog or elsewhere) along with a few pictures, including a picture of yourself. Please include a brief biography and links to your blog, website, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, etc. Mention how many people you cook for, if cooking for children include their ages, and list any food restrictions.

It isn’t necessary that each day is completely planned out but your Meal Plan must include at least 4 separate breakfasts, lunches, and dinners; planning leftovers is acceptable. Here are a couple of examples of Meal Plans, here and here; but your Meal Plan can be different.


Meal Plan will be featured during the month of July. All submissions should be made by Sunday, June 30th, however the sooner the better.


You can submit your Meal Plan in the form below or send me an email with all of your information.

If I receive a lot of questions I’ll update this post answering them!

Update: I’m no longer accepting submissions! If a spot opens up and someone is not able to participate I’ll mention it on My Plant-Based Family’s Facebook page!

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  1. Cool idea – I wish my current meal plans were worth submitting. I’m crazy busy right now (and have no kids to feed) so my meals are things like avocado smeared on toast with home grown crunchy bean sprouts piled on top and drizzled with sun dried tomato dressing. Yummy, but not exactly “meal plan” worthy! I’m eager to see the results though 🙂

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