Plant-Based Meal Plan

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I’m convinced that the best way to successfully adopt a plant-based diet is to follow a Plant-Based Meal Plan, at least in the beginning.

When we first started eating plant-based, it was completely new. Every single thing we ate before going plant-based had meat or dairy in it. I was nowhere close to being a healthy eater. To transition, I had to be deliberate and plan every single meal.Instant Pot Oatmeal

Making the move to a plant-based diet payed off and I was able to reverse illness. That’s one of the reasons I’m so passionate about meal planning and sharing meal plans with you.

This Week’s Plant-Based Meal Plan


Instant Pot Oatmeal

Sandwiches, Veggies and Hummus

Plant-Based Nachos


Toast with peanut butter and banana slices

Leftover Beans, Rice and Salsa

Spaghetti and Asparagus

Instant Pot Breakfast Rice


Instant Pot Breakfast Rice

Leftover Spaghetti and toast

Orange Tofu Stir Fry (I showed a sneak peak of the sauce in my Instagram stories)

Chipotle Black Bean Chili


Overnight Oats

Sandwiches, Veggies and Hummus

Black Bean Chili and Instant Pot Baked Potatoes


Strawberry, Cherry and Kale Smoothie

Leftover Chili and Baked Potatoes

Instant Pot Mexican Casserole

Instant Pot Mexican Casserole

Tips for New Meal Planners

If you are brand new to meal planning or following a meal plan someone else creates, it’s important to start small. It can be overwhelming to cook three meals a day if you aren’t used to it. That’s one of the reasons we eat leftovers for lunch.

I also give myself the option to skip any dinner and eat leftovers when possible. We don’t usually have leftover spaghetti or tofu because my kids love them, but we always have leftover chili because it’s too spicy for my kids. Yay, more for us!

We don’t need a lot of variety for breakfast or lunch but like to eat something new for dinner. Some foods lend themselves to being leftovers. Like beans and rice, we have it early in the week so we can use the leftovers in several different recipes like nachos or burritos.

Do you follow a meal plan? What are you eating this week?

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  1. Bunny Wilson says:

    Is there a recipe for the Spaghetti and Asparagus?

    • Hi Bunny,
      I just used regular spaghetti pasta and cooked it according to package directions and used a premade jarred sauce. I pour it into the spaghetti after draining so it can heat up.
      I steamed the asparagus in a little water and ate it as a side.
      No real recipe! We rely on spaghetti for a quick meal a lot lately.

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