Plant-Based Meal Plan

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This week’s meal plan is a day late. I’ve been traveling and I don’t know what we have or what we need. Thankfully I’m usually well stocked with our basics so this week, our plant-based meal plan will feature easy meals made from our pantry staples.

Plant-Based Meal Plan

Plant-Based Meal Plan

I haven’t prepped any food yet for this week. There is no batch cooking to fall back on so I’ll make dinners that will have leftovers.

Plant-Based Breakfast

This week, oatmeal will be the breakfast of choice. We will mix it up each day by topping our oatmeal with either raisins and cinnamon, diced apples or peanut butter and bananas. If you want to add some variety to your morning oats check out my Ultimate Oatmeal Guide.

Plant-Based Lunch

In a day or two we will have leftovers to use but until then I’ll rely on sandwiches, veggies and hummus or beans.

Plant-Based Dinner

Monday: I was traveling Monday and won’t get a chance to cook.

Tuesday: Instant Pot Mexican Casserole is really good, really easy to make, uses pantry staples and the leftovers taste great! This meal will make the week go better. 

Wednesday: Instant Pot Chickpea and Rice Soup just as easy, and tastes just as good as the Mexican Casserole on Tuesday. I like to make this one because the flavor profile is completely different. My son likes to take this in his school lunch. It reheats really well.

Thursday: Refried Beans and Mexican Rice are delicious on their own but also good in a tortilla. My kids love it with tortilla chips. Sometimes I’ll put beans and rice on a bed of lettuce and top it with salsa for a Taco Salad.

Friday: Veggie Pad Thai is quick and easy. I have some onions and peppers in the freezer that will be perfect in this dish. I’ll add some fresh carrots and broccoli.

I didn’t purposely choose almost all Instant Pot recipes but these recipes happen to be some of the easiest to make from pantry staples. 

If I get a chance this week, I’m also going to make my Apple Oatmeal Muffins! These make a great snack!

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